Auto Security Company Launches Campaign Against Vehicle Theft!

California Auto Security Company has launched a nationwide campaign against auto theft by offering a FREE Electronic Vehicle Immobilizer
to every car owner in America.

The ATS IMMOBILIZER is the ideal anti-theft device normally sold at retails shops for 50 -100 dollars. This system automatically inhibits the vehicle from being started and driven away and is virtually impossible to be overcome by a would-be thief. ATS is trying to do their part to help deter and eliminate vehicle theft that has become common across the country with this limited time offer.

Vehicle theft is on the increase. Throughout North America, it has been increasing at an average of 40% per year with no end in sight. Many vehicles are stolen by teenagers for joy-rides, others to be stripped for parts or re-identified and shipped overseas to Black Markets. When we set out to develop an anti- theft device for automobiles, our main criteria was to design a simple to install, easy to use security device. This proven electronic system will protect any vehicle against theft is a must for every motorist.

Most Auto Insurance companies agree, Automatic Engine Immobilizers are the most
effective and reliable devices available for vehicle protection. In many European countries,
Insurance Agencies have mandated Immobilizers on all vehicles in order to cut down on the
thousands of auto theft claims made yearly. This may soon, be the case here in America.

For obvious reasons, we cannot offer installation of the system, but detailed
instructions specifically for the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle, make installation easy
for the do-it yourselfer ( with a few basic hand tools) or the corner shop. For the cost of
shipping and handling, ATS is willing to give this FREE Auto Immobilizer to any car owner and
urges everyone to take advantage of this offer by sending $9.95 s&h and the above vehicle
information to:

 Free Immobilizer

29783 Evans Rd. Menifee, CA 92586

Email ATS

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